I’m still here and I’m still knitting.  On the one hand, I was shocked when I looked to see how long it had been since I last blogged.  On the other hand, I was surprised because I almost expected to see 2013, eek.  

So, I am still knitting.  Not nearly as much as at some times, but still picking it up.  I’ll share what I’ve got actively on the needles over a few posts.  First, this sock yarn blanket is something I pick up whenever the mood strikes me.   

I was inspired to start this project from seeing it on someone’s timeline on Instagram. Sock yarn is my favorite yarn so that makes it a plus.  And I love that I almost certainly have at least enough time to knit up one of these squares in one sitting and feel accomplished.  All good things, right?!  Here is the Ravelry page for the Knitted Patchwork Recipe in case you feel inspired too.

Happy knitting until tomorrow!

(Oh and I think I’m going to spruce things up around here.  It’s looked the same for a long, long time!)

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2 Responses to Crickets?

  1. Gina W says:

    My knitting really decreased (ha!) when I went back to school. Since graduation, I’ve been doing more pleasure reading than knitting, but with Christmas coming, I need to kick it into gear with some mitts and cowls for gifts.

    • anotiontoknit says:

      I know what you mean, the holidays are coming at us fast! I have 2 people that I’d like to give hand knit gifts to for the holidays and I haven’t even started, eek.

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