I Completed A Project!

I have my knitting mojo back in full force.  I’ve been looking at new projects (like I need new ones) and working on ones that are already in progress.  Saturday, I knit like a mad woman all day.  As a result, I completed a pair of socks, yay!  Topographical Socks 1These are the Topographical Socks from Katie.  I used the same color that she used, because I thought they were so cute like that.  The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks in Fern Rose Jacquard.  Even better, they are for me!  I haven’t had a new pair of socks in a long time.  Of course, anyone that I knit socks for hasn’t had a new pair in a long time, eek. But, I’m very close to finishing a pair for my husband too.Topographical Socks 2I’m really happy with them.  I love the colors and they are so comfortable too!  It was an easy pattern but interesting, I really recommend it.

The pair of socks that I’m close to finishing for my husband have awesome colors.  The yarn that I’m using for them is Zauberball in the rainbow like color.  The only thing is that I’m going to end up breaking up the color a bit.  Ever since I finished the first sock, it’s bugged me thinking that I should have knit the leg longer but I went on with sock #2. Now, I’ve decided to make sock #2 as long as I think they should be and then unravel the first sock and add on to it.  So, that’s how the colors are going to end up broken up, but it’ll still be okay.

Otherwise, I’d like to finish putting together my Nilgiri cardigan.  It needs to be sewn up, only one arm is attached so far.  But, on that I’m also thinking about undoing the collar and doing it over.  Out of laziness, I was really fighting doing that but I know I won’t be happy with it.  I picked up too many stitches and it’s really almost sloppy looking, don’t want that!  It’s also a bit big but it’ll be cozy.  This won’t make much sense, but for this cardigan I actually knit the size that my body measures (instead of the size I normally knit things for myself) and it turned out big even though I literally was that size (at the time I cast on for it).  On top of that, I started Nilgiri in October of 2012 but since January of 2013, I’ve lost over 50 pounds so it’s definitely big but it’ll be cozy anyway.

The other two big projects I’m thinking about are Nanook and Bespoken.  I cast on for both of those last fall.  I think I can pick up where I left off on Bespoken, but some stitches fell off the needles of Nanook so I think it’d be better to start from scratch (plus the whole thing about me changing sizes now).  I didn’t really have many rows on it so it won’t be that big of a deal to start over.  So, along with numerous socks, those are the projects I want to focus on for now.  I’m sure that I’ll be sharing more in the coming days.

Happy knitting!

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