Random Thursday

1. I haven’t been knitting much lately which is the main reason for my blog absence. Of course, now I’m diving into two big projects.

2. For NaKniSweMo I’m knitting Bespoken for Hubby. I’m using Hempwol in the color Terra which is a rich brown. I’m late to the game already because although I started my swatch before the November 1st cast on date, I’m just getting going on the sweater tonight.


3. Meanwhile, I couldn’t stop myself from also casting on Nanook for myself since I bought the yarn already. I’m using Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in Oatmeal.


4. Just because, I got this adorable phone case at Target today.


5. I’m excited about Thanksgiving, how about you? This next week I’m going to go ahead and do my shopping for the big day and I’m already planning the menu. This year I’m going to try at least two new recipes out.

6. I’ve been cooking a lot more than is usual for me lately. Part of it is driven by the fact that I’ve suddenly (due to a new medication) become a little repulsed by cooking meat so I’ve been on the hunt for good vegetarian recipes. We’ve really been enjoying the meals I’ve come up with for us. Tonight is Vegetable Curry.


7. That’s me for now. I’ll definitely be catching up here about the sweaters in progress. Now I’m off to watch Thursday Night Football! Happy knitting!

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