Random Tuesday

1. Yesterday my girls were thrilled that I got out a new scratchy pad for them. (That’s what I like to call them, scratchy pads.) So, they actually slept a few feet away from each other on two different pads. Being peacefully that close to each other is almost unheard of in our home. Also, you can’t tell but Candie (on the left) is hoarding the new pad while Sophie sleeps on the poor, falling apart, old pad.

20130716-151714.jpgAnd a cute one of Sophie. I couldn’t get Candie without waking her.

20130716-151823.jpgI’m that cat lady, yes I am.

2. I’ve been starting projects willy nilly lately. Yesterday I started one I was very excited about, Grey Gardens, but confused myself and ripped it out. I’ve knit an entrelac project before so I’m not sure why I got turned around. I’ll try again later. Anyway, I have several plain stockinette socks going because I keep starting them just to see different yarns. Crazy, right.

3. Hubby and I have become movie-goers lately. The last few we’ve seen were “The Hangover III” and “Despicable Me 2”. I know, very different ends of the spectrum. Both were great movies though. I have “Despicable Me” on order from Netflix since we haven’t seen it yet. I adore the minions now!

4. I can’t wait for football season. We’re getting closer, yay!

5. I just watched “The Descendants” this afternoon. I really liked it though it was a little different than I thought going in.

6. Our garden is coming along. I can’t wait until we have cucumbers so I can use them in this detox water. I’ve been loving this water lately!

7. My new favorite app is the IFTTT app.

More knitting catch up coming this way soon! Happy knitting!

*Sorry some of the links are mobile, I was blogging from my phone.

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