Black & White

In October, my mom came to visit. As is usual, we ended up where there was yarn (she’s not a knitter though) and my mom fell in love with a scarf that was on display. I had no idea how to knit with the yarn once I saw it but decided to give it a go. The yarn was like netting and actually kind of fun to knit. Here’s the finished scarf modeled by my mom (she was freezing as I took this picture).

20121206-152636.jpgThe yarn is Premier Yarns Starbella and the pattern is on the label, a ruffled scarf.

Next, is a hat for my hubby. Rich found a website that had beautiful merino sweaters and hats for men. That prompted him to ask if I had anything like that in my stash to make him a watch cap. I had a merino and cashmere mix that worked out beautifully.

20121206-153227.jpgThe hat is so soft and warm. And looks nice too, really nice as far as the fabric goes.

So, now if I can just get myself in gear to block a few things and take some good pictures, I’ll have a few sweaters to share. Soon, I hope, soon.

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One Response to Black & White

  1. katie m. says:

    Beautiful scarf! And the hat looks so cozy.

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