Random Thursday

1. I’ve been catching up by uploading pictures to Flickr today.

2. Liesl was gifted to my mother-in-law. It looks great on her and she really likes it so win-win. Liesl Liesl back.

3. I cast on today for a new Liesl for me. Yes, I think I’ve got the right size now. But, being really tired as I was knitting was a bad thing because somehow I’m off on my number of stitches. I’m considering not unknitting and just fixing it as I go since I’m on one of the plain knit rows.

4. I’ve been sewing again lately. A lot of things have been a real struggle, like more of a struggle than when I was totally new to sewing. Taking a long break was a bad idea, for me. But, this Mama’s Bag is a success and I love it! I see more of these in my future. Mama’s Bag is a pattern from SouleMama’s Handmade Home. Mama's Bag

5. As usual, I had an awesome assistant during my photo session. My photo assistant, Coco.

6. I have a few other little sewn things to share later.

7. I watched “The Help” yesterday and today. (I broke it up). It was so good, I can’t believe I hadn’t intended to see it. I cried and cried.

8. Our garden has become wild and unruly of late. Pumpkins are also taking over. They are volunteers for the last two years but we’re happy to have them. our unruly garden
These little tomatoes are also volunteers ever since we first had a garden here. tomatoes

9. From the State Fair last week, just one of the cuties I saw … State Fair - rabbit

10. Precious Sophie kitty. Sophie kitty

11. That’s me for now.

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