Random random.

1.  The Kaiso socks are not going as planned.  I’ve made it halfway through the heel just to realize they are really small.  Or tight.  Anyway, I don’t think they’ll fit anyone.  How did this happen?  I had planned on knitting a different pattern in the book and had already calculated the size needle I needed (since I always have to go up a needle).  But, then I switched patterns *without* switching needle sizes.  And so, now I have a tight sock.  It’s just sitting it out on the coffee table for now.  I’m really sick of the sight of that yarn to be honest.  It’s had so many false starts that I’m just tired of it.

2.  I always have finished items (small ones) that I forget to share or add to my Ravelry notebook.  Here is one of them, it’s the Sockhead Hat knit out of Koigu in two different shades.  Anyway, I finished this sometime last year.  It’s surprisingly a bit too big for my melon.  That *never* happens with hats!

3.  The sun is trying to come out today.  My kitties are taking advantage of it.  Candie is out wandering about and here’s Coco.  I startled him and he ran to the side of the house.  

4. Since there was a problem with the Kaiso sock I started another pair, a plain pair of socks to be my January socks. I may just amend my whole goal to be that I complete a project each month. I have a lot of projects lying around that could be completed.
5. So, that’s me for now. More soon. Oh! I’ll have a mitten to show soon, exciting! More soon.

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