so, five months later …

I cannot believe it’s been that long since I blogged! Anyway, I want to get back into this a little at a time. Not too much has changed since I was last here. I’m recovering from minor surgery, it’s almost been a month now. It’s crazy how little things can take so much out of you. But, I had a great visit with my mom during that time. Yay Moms!

A few exciting things maybe in the works that I can’t really mention unless they work out. I know, hate that kind of information or lack of, in blogs. Sorry.

Scandalously, I have NOT been knitting in some time. I’m quite smitten with sewing now though I’ve really only worked on various pouches and bags. Though, I haven’t done much crafty work at all in the last month. I *have* started thinking about knitting again though. Maybe it’s that ‘calling’ since we’re quickly approaching fall .. or maybe that’s just my hopeful mind making it seem as though fall is coming more quickly. Anyway, I’m very much wanting to work on a hat. Now that I’ve put it down in words, maybe I’ll have the motivation to get moving on that!

We have a small but what looks to be bountiful garden. It’s really more my husband’s as I mainly helped pick what we should plant and helped in the planting. But I’m quite excited about it.
zucchini flowersTomatoes in the making.Wee tomatoes!Tiger LilyTrampled, but not.

So, that’s me for tonight!

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