Something new on my needles.

18|365 Swatching, really.
20|365 Garter stitch.
A Cobblestone for hubby, using Lion Brand’s Fishermen’s Wool. I’ve been wanting to knit him this pattern for awhile and I’d been wanting to try out this yarn. So, it all came together now! I really like this yarn so far. As I knit, my hands are left with that lovely lanolin feeling and light scent. Knitting with yarn like that is always such a treat.

I’m particularly pleased with myself for knitting a gauge swatch and, I think, not skipping any steps. I knit the gauge swatch in the round and washed and dried it before checking gauge again. I really want this to be a sweater that fits R well. Also, a fun and easy new part of checking gauge was using the caliper in the picture. R gave that to me and aside from how cute I think it is (I love wood and metal that’s aged like that), I find it much easier on my eyes to count the stitches in that space than in the little view spaces of most knitting needle gauges.

I’ve made a little bit more progress than this but I’m in a stockinette world for now. I have more things I want to share. I’m getting there.


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