random wednesday

1. I knit a little pouch for my Nike sensor, a la Rachael a few years back. I don’t actually have the Nikes that have a built in spot for the sensor. My feet don’t seem to really care for Nikes either so this seemed like the best bet. I just need to sew off the the edge and hook it onto my shoes. In desperation, the day I calibrated the sensor, I used the pouch that belongs to my SLR remote. It worked in a pinch though, because there are two little holes on one side that I was able to lace through.

2. I’m trying to plan a trip and can’t believe how much fares jump around. This isn’t really a new thing but it still always amazes me. Originally I was trying to plan for both Texas and Nashville. But, since the flooding in Tennessee, I’ve decided to wait until fall for that trip.

3. These socks have been picked up again.

365.52 x4  Mountain colors.

The ongoing problem with them is that they are supposed to be toe socks, like tabi socks, but the pattern I was using from Twisted Sister Sock Workbook will not work for me. I’ve knit it and unknit about three times now and the numbers just don’t work for me. So, now I’m trying it from a pattern in my new sock book.

4. I’m going to get some knitting pictures tomorrow. Hopefully the rain will cooperate. Right.


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