What’s going on at my place.

So .. I know that the last few days of blog entries have been less than interesting (still, I’m wanting to keep up with this daily blogging). But, I was doing prep for the last set of medical tests I needed. And to be honest, while I’m done and up tonight I don’t have a ton to offer. I’m still exhausted and sore. And apparently I bit myself fairly hard while sleeping off the anesthesia. So, on top of all that the right side of my lip is swelling.

Yesterday, I finished what I think is all the parts for this washcloth. I started it a long time ago in an effort to use up the yarn. But then, I got bored and abandoned the project. Now I need to finish before that happens again. That reminds me, I also finally got around to ordering the last skein needed for hubby’s Grasshoppers. Not a moment too soon either, there was only one skein left in the shop!

So, that’s me for tonight. ‘Night.

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