Short & Sweet

Hopefully sweet.

1. My weekend hasn’t been very productive. It has definitely been nice though. Knitting, hanging out with hubby and my kitties, good food.

2. I was lazier than I’d hoped to be with the knitting since last night so I’m still *thisclose* to finishing the second Starburst sock. I’m going to, so going to, finish it tonight.

3. Have I mentioned that I’m missing a lot of my handknit socks? I don’t know what that’s all about. I have one idea that possibly they are with a few winter stacks that I never brought out for winter but not sure about that. Anyway, I only have maybe three of my pairs of handknit socks and I’m missing two (of my probably three) favorite pairs.

4. I just discovered Brindisi Fontina cheese and am totally smitten. If you like gourmet cheese and haven’t tried it, do try it. The one I’m having now, is definitely more nom-worthy than even the regular Fontina I’ve tried. Maybe the Brindisi is about region? I don’t know and admit I haven’t read up on it much, just enough to find out it is a Fontina.

5. My girls have taken to sleeping near each other a lot lately. They do this every once in awhile. It always makes me happy while it lasts.

I hope you’re having a good weekend, too. ‘Night.

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