So it’s the weekend.

Saturday night, I’ve been spending it relaxing. Earlier in the day I worked on one big thing on my list of household to-do’s. My back is killing me now, but I’m hoping to get more done tomorrow. The end results of what I’m working on (and really almost all the home improvements) are that we’ll rid ourselves of more things that we don’t need or want and also have more space. We’ve donated most of the things we don’t want to thrift stores and sold a few items. The space that comes from being free of clutter is so important in our small living area. And of course the inner freedom of clutter as well.

Tomorrow, along with continuing on today’s project, I want to clean out my car. It’s never really been neat again over the last few years since we moved. I’m taking it in for more repair on Monday and may have to leave it overnight so I’d like it to be neater. I chose not to leave it Friday just for that reason.

I haven’t knit a stitch today and maybe yesterday. That’s unsettling since I’ve been knitting so much lately and really finding it comforting. So, that’s also on my list for tomorrow!

Really, not much else for today. I hope you’re having a great weekend! ‘Night.

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