Random Thursday

1. Today I had some new parts put in my car. That didn’t fix the problem so tomorrow I have to take it somewhere else. It’s frustrating, aside from not having my car to use, I’ve never taken it to anyone until now. Hubby always works on it but can’t right now. And with the new issues, I have to take it to someone with specialty experience. Sigh…

2. While waiting for my car to be repaired, I cast on for my second Starburst sock. Yay!


I adore the start. All of the rainbow colors are right there in that tiny little section. *Swoon* And now …


That was my progress just a few hours ago. I’ve been knitting a few rows here and there this evening as we’ve watched a few movies. I’m actually really pleased with how quickly I’m moving along already. I think all of that ripping on the first sock was helpful!

3. I forgot to call for more Artyarns today. Mustmustmust call tomorrow.

4. I’m totally obsessed with grapefruit lately. It’s really not just because of the ‘slightly sweetened’ part but because I don’t like peeling fresh grapefruit. Yum, grapefruit.

5. I’m hoping to plan a trip that includes seeing family and a stop near Nashville to see my friend L. My tentative planning looks good. We’ll see. I’m actually pretty excited at the idea because I’ve never been east of Kansas City, Missouri and that was very brief.

6. Do you know about Read It Later for Firefox? It’s helping me cut down on my bookmarks and I actually *do* check off the things I’ve read as I read them. Yay for tools.


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