Random Thursday

1. I started to type “Random Tuesday”. I’ve been ‘off’ on my days all week.

2. I started a new pair of socks for my hubby. He’s been going through a really rough time lately and I can’t do much to help. But, I figure handknit socks are always a nice gesture. R likes the colors. They’re bright and toe up so as to use every bit I can. A picture tomorrow in daylight.

3. I had a medical *thing*, a simple scan, done today. Nothing major, actually the second time just to get newer results. Anyway, in the midst of it, all I could think was that it would be so much better if you could knit during things like that. But that would interfere with lying still and such. Knitting would be soothing and entertaining, right.

4. We’ve been having a few more sunny days here and there. I’m reminded how much I love those days for getting outside and for taking pictures. It’s so pretty. Of course, unlike most of the country, we barely had a winter this year. Still, the sun creates a change. There are cherry blossoms blooming also, such loveliness.

5. So, that’s me for now. Disappointed I don’t have photos as planned, but I still need to take my daily pictures. ‘Night.

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One Response to Random Thursday

  1. korin says:

    Medical ‘thing’?…. your blog readers are now worried about. ie: me.

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