Monday Monday

1. I did not finish any project completely. (redundant, yes) The two projects that I was closest on the last few days were the toe socks for my Mom and the Starburst (Skew) socks for me. I did bind off on the first Starburst sock by closing ceremonies. While that isn’t a gold medal, that is a huge accomplishment for me within two weeks. I ripped that sock out so many freaking times. Then I abandoned it for awhile once it seemed that the toe socks had a better chance. Oh yeah and the Starburst socks were the only project that I cast on entirely new for the challenges. The toe socks ended up being a challenge because the numbers on the big toe do not work for me. Actually I don’t think it’s just for me and I’ve encountered this problem numerous times now. That’s the point where I’ve abandoned the socks before. I’m not going to do that this time. I’m going to ask someone about it. There has to be something I’m missing somewhere because it’s the type of thing (example) where it’s like: knit 3, k2tog, knit 9, ssk, which would require there to be 16 stitches available to do that, right? But, following directions, there are less stitches than that. *big sigh*

2. Yes, I did remember (for once) to check for errata on the pattern.

3. I’m tired of being without Maudie, my car. Have I mentioned that? It wouldn’t be such a big deal if we lived somewhere reasonable, I’m not averse to public transportation.

4. I’m much grumpier than usual tonight, sorry. Sorry.



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