my weekend

1. There was a lot of knitting. But yet, nothing completed. Why would that be? I don’t know, I guess I subconsciously wanted to see how many times I could rip out two of the socks I’m working on. Knit, make progress, rip, get back to starting point, knit, make progress, rip to same spot as before, get back to starting point again, knit … and on and on. Seriously, after the photo I posted last night of Starburst, I ripped it three times. T – H – R – E – E times! *sigh* Well, I know that part of the pattern much better now. And as usual, it wasn’t the pattern, it was me. Then, on the toe socks for my Mom, I ripped the heel two more times (in addition to the first ripping that explained why they’d been waiting to be knit on for over a year). By the way, that ‘first’ ripping of the heel I mention wasn’t even the first really – just the first this time! There have been various reasons for the ripping of that heel. This last time was because I remembered, after I’d made it a few inches past, that my Mom didn’t like the pronounced heel from the pattern I was following when I knit the prototype that didn’t work out. So yeah, anyway, I’m making progress now. Solid progress that hasn’t required any additional ripping today. Yay me. And I’m actually at least halfway, if not more, through the first toe sock.

2. I really do know how to knit.

3. I do. I promise. I believe you’ve seen some finished objects here.

4. My car is being a pain.

5. I can barely walk around. I waited way too long between practices. On the bright side, I’m sore in new places. So, although I’m sore to the degree of when I started, at least I don’t seem to have lost the strength I’d built up in some body parts. I’m going to hit the gym tomorrow. And hopefully Tuesday too, so that I can make it to practice Wednesday. I couldn’t do it today.

6. My BFF (regardless how juvenile that term can be I think it’s adorable) goes home to Tennessee Tuesday. I’m going to miss her so much. She’s been here a month. [I typoed her, she’s been her a month.] It’ll be like she’s moving all over again. I’m hoping to go visit her before summer though. I know, that isn’t far away. I don’t care for summer and find it’s best not to visit other people if I can help it during that time of year.

7. I finally started writing down what I’ve been eating yesterday. So, I have two days written down so far plus the week still on my computer last month. Yeah, that was a fail in the beginning. I should have been writing down food since the last week of December. Big fail.

8. Well, I’m heading to bed. Lots of things to do tomorrow. I’ll have some progress pictures tomorrow. I’m trying to find a focus with it practically being Monday and the Knitting Olympics & Ravelympics ending Friday. I’d like to see *something* completed.


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