Almost like spring.

The title of this blog post really doesn’t make much sense now. I have two beautiful photos from yesterday that went with the title. But, I’ve been waiting for a half hour for one photo to upload to Typepad and it’s not happening. So, imagine the pretty pictures. You can imagine anything, right?

I have some beautiful new yarn to share. I attempted to share the Artyarns last week but it really didn’t do the colors justice. I also have some gorgeous yarn for me too. As for the Ravelympics, I suspect I’ll be overextending myself as usual. But I’m sure I’ll complete some of the projects. I am going to include at least one (probably more though) UFO into the race. I intended to enter my second Pomatomus, which has been in the ribbing stage for at least two months I think. But, today when doing some light organizing, I forgot about the rules and knit a few rows of ribbing. So, that’s out! Oh well, I have plenty of unfinished projects to choose from. Sadly. I’m still in that ‘wanting to knit every pattern I see’ phase too, especially with hats. We aren’t having much of a winter so that’s kind of crazy and pointless, but it isn’t stopping me.

I’ve been really lazy lately and seriously lacking on gym activity. Tomorrow I am going positively. The fact that I’ve got other business there is helping with the motivation to get there. I don’t remember if I mentioned it here though I’ve been whining about it on twitter but I don’t have a car right now. My brakes went out last week. During the repair process yesterday, another problem came up so I’ll be without it until at least Thursday. Probably the weekend though. It’s not doing anything for the fact that I seriously intended to get back to derby practice last week. I’ve missed many more practices than I’d wanted to miss. I can only imagine how far behind I am.

I didn’t realize how recently I’d used a quiz as my lazy blog backup before last night. Oops. So, that’s me for now. Tomorrow I’ll get the pretties up that I wanted to share tonight.


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