1. I baked peanut butter cookies tonight. They aren’t very pretty and that bugs me. But, I used coconut flour (because I”m out of ‘regular’ flour) and was pleasantly surprised with the flavor it adds to the cookies. I think I’ll start mixing some of it in for the flavor.

2. I haven’t knit in a few days. I do have a few projects on the needles that are making me happy though.

3. I had a committee meeting that went well today. Tomorrow I have a league meeting that is at the same time as another meeting. I’ll have to go with the league meeting because it’s mandatory. Suddenly the weekend became very busy.

4. I’m almost done moving music from my MacBook Pro to my netbook. I have a feeling there’s an easier route than the one I chose. Anyway, it will be done and I know I have what I want on each of the three. Until an iPad anyway.

5. I’m sleepy and almost forgot to blog so I think I’m done now. I am remembering to copy this though just to be sure I don’t lose the post. See you tomorrow.

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