random Thursday

1. I adore Katie’s finished projects collage.

2. I fear that if I attempted to put together my finished items for 2009, it wouldn’t fill up one row. That’s not say it will definitely deter me, because you know, I might need to see for sure.

3. We’re hoping to go skiing (or at least see and hang out in the snow) in the next two weeks and I’m wondering if there will be snow. I read, maybe in a twitter, about a ski bowl being closed nearby due to all the rain and fairly mild temperatures of late.

4. I had to deal with an issue today that has me resolving not to fall behind again on keeping up with notes and spreadsheets and journals and such.

5. That brings me to the fact that I am a few days behind on uploading my photos to Flickr due to so much not feeling well. I haven’t missed actually taking photos though. Of course, the photos I’ve taken are very simple but they represent days.

6. I’m not oblivious to things. I just really don’t like to ‘talk’ serious issues here. So, I’ll just say an attitude of gratitude is what I’m trying to hold close to my heart as well as many prayers for others.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow.

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One Response to random Thursday

  1. katie m. says:

    I’m so behind, but hey, glad you like the collage! And I bet your FOs would look awesome … even in one row.

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