It’s all relative.

This is as far as my knitting went today. But isn’t it pretty? So here’s the story behind it. One skein is Rolling Stone and the other is in the water colors from the New Year’s Eve sale. I wanted to make myself a chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts using Rolling Stone and needed another skein. So, I ordered one. Obviously, hee. The thing is, I guess even when I’m reading words rather than seeing the yarn for myself, I’m *still* totally drawn to the sane colors! Bad for the pattern but good for yarn hoarding. Gorgeous colors don’t you think? Yummy yarn. I’m just enjoying looking at it for now!

It's all relative.

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One Response to It’s all relative.

  1. Jaime says:

    I totally totally love that typo! Sane should be used when describing yarn more often. :p
    And I am irked that I just missed Wednesday’s timestamp (because I waited too late as usual) but it was worth it to see Conan’s monologue tonight!
    Last, I wanted this to be an afterthough to the post but can’t get into edit from my iPod so I went this route.

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