Random Thursday

Sort of, I have a lot of pictures to show of one thing..

1. I sent off my 2 squares for the Barn Raising Quilt yesterday.



I lovelovelove these juicy pink & tangerine colors. They are so pretty. Koigu.


Regia or Fortissima, I think the way this one spiralled outward is interesting. It reminds me of a God’s eye. I actually prefer this yarn in this type of repetition so I’ll probably save the rest of this for more squares later.


And last, the glitter is a plus for something this size. Oooh, glitter. So, there you have it, my Barn Raising Quilt Squares.

2. Earlier this week I went out for gelato with some friends. I don’t think I’d had gelato before, but this was so good. I had cheesecake gelato and there were little chunks of cheesecake goodness mixed in which made it so decadent.

Chsck gelato DSC00001_2

I want to go back and have the hazelnut gelato. I came very close to getting the hazelnut before seeing the cheesecake. But, I tasted a friend’s hazelnut and it was so good and rich. Yum.

3. I have a few household things I would like to get started but I have no mojo. I didn’t get enough sleep and then I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. As is usually the case, I just started to get good sleep when it was time to get up and go. Anyway, I don’t know where to start but I am going to get at least one thing done today. Setup the new closet clothes organizer? Do a load of laundry? Wash dishes? Ughhh.

4. As for the doctor’s appointment, my arm has been bothering me (painfully) for about three weeks now. I don’t recall doing anything around that time that was particularly strenuous but it will not take care of itself. And with my going back to the gym yesterday – oh yeah I went back to the gym finally – I decided that I should find out what’s wrong. You know, instead of wishing it away. So, I went for an x-ray and now I wait. It sounds like basically I’ll end up seeing a physical therapist but we’ll see. So, one other twist is that I did receive my copy of “30 Day Shred” and was excited about getting started. Of course, at my appointment I was told not to start it until I see the physical therapist. Seems obvious right. I don’t know what I was thinking when I jumped on ordering it. Other than I thought it would work itself out, still. Crazy girl.

5. I’ve been finding Facebook to be an especially big time suck lately. Interesting, but definitely a big time suck. What about you?

6. So, I’m going to go get something done. I’m very glad to have the blog post work today!

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One Response to Random Thursday

  1. katie m. says:

    Great squares! I like how they’re so different from each other. Hope your arm is feeling better! (Maybe it just needs more gelato?)

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