a day without order

… a little more than usual anyway. I just really didn’t have any energy today. It’s like there was an invisible layer of malaise over our family today. When R got home from work, he was still very tired like he started the day. And even our kitties slept more than usual. Chuy never asked to go outside until evening. So, it’s been a quiet evening here.

Catching up on sharing some things from over the weekend …

Thrift DSC00105_2

These are some of my favorite finds at the garage sales/estate sales/rummage sales that we went to this weekend. Actually, I only bought a few things beyond this. But I did very well.

Myrtlewood DSC00134_2

Myrtlewood container view. We have one other little open bowl of myrtlewood that we put coins in. I think this is so pretty but never new much about it (other than it being common here in Oregon) until I looked for the link information. See that? Blogging as a learning tool.

Also, we’ve had a little bit of stormy weather here lately. Though I think people freak out a bit much and have to remind myself, that’s because it isn’t so normal here to have thunder and lightening. It is on a small scale though, having grown up in Tornado Alley. More fun with the learning links. Anyway, here is a strange scene from the storms …

Carsubmerg DSC00092_2

Someone actually sent that photo into one of the local news stations, too. I thought about sending it into the news we watch but that channel was actually out all night. So, I wouldn’t have known if it was shown or not! Oh! For reference, that was a parking lot where the car was and it really wasn’t very much lower in ground level (compared to its’ surroundings).

Ok, so I’m off now. I have a few quick things to do before going to bed. ‘Night.

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One Response to a day without order

  1. katie m. says:

    Nice finds! Any plans for the fabric? SW WA appears to have missed the worst of the storms … no flooded parking lots here.

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