Completed: the weekend.

Finished objects: 1
Unfinished chore: 4

So, though I feel productive, I clearly missed my mark. That means no photos right now. But, the squares are completed as far as knitting goes. In the morning, early after hubby leaves for work – that’s early, I will wash and block the squares. And do the other chores. Except for the gym. I was doing so well in the beginning and then I got sick. And couldn’t shake a cough. Now, a few months later I’m heading back. I prefer mornings for the gym but have several things to do tomorrow morning. I’m determined to start back tomorrow though so it will be in the afternoon. Also, I’m anxiously awaiting my copy of “30 Day Shred” from Amazon. I was swayed by Dr. Steph. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m a little worried about my knees and right shoulder but not going to push too hard. I think it’ll be good.

It was a great weekend, I hope for you too!

***NOTE: I cannot fix the link at all. Sorry. But, I mean Dr. Steph from “And She Knits Too”. …Strange. I can’t fix it because in my Edit window for this entry, it actually shows the correct code for the link. So, theoretically there’s nothing that needs to be fixed. But, of course, somewhere between there and clicking on the link it goes all wonky (that’s technical language, you know).

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