Happy June! I cannot believe that May went by so quickly. I didn’t intend for the whole month to go by without one blog post. Time is funny like that. I have a few things (I think) to catch up on but for tonight, I’m keeping it really simple.

I’m working on Barn Raising Quilt Squares for this Sock Summit 2009 project. I don’t have completed pictures but this is what I’ve got for now.

365:144 yip: Koigu.

The pink and orange yarn is Koigu. I already completed this square. I love these colors, they are so juicy. And I came*this close to finishing a second one using some gorgeous Socks That Rock Ruby Slippers and ran out with about 6 rounds left I think. Grrr. The next square is going to be using this:

365:150 yip: Another square.

I want to make a few more but I’ll see what I find. I know I have quite a bit of sock yarn leftovers but it seems like most of it isn’t enough for a square. They knit up quickly though and I’m enjoying seeing the progress. I had bought Knitalong in the winter hoping to knit the Entemology Mittens (Rav link) but didn’t get to them yet. Maybe by next winter!

Today’s been a nice Monday, I hope for you too!

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One Response to June

  1. katie m. says:

    Glad you’re back! And your squares are looking lovely. Good luck.

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