Needles flying.

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I appreciate them, happy things!

There’s been a lot of knitting going on lately but my top projects aren’t close to being completed. I am enjoying them though. Just to recap since I haven’t, you know, put my projects into Ravelry:
-I’m working on the Turqui socks. Monkey socks in Socks That Rock lightweight.
-Alhambra in Handmaiden Camelspin.
-Flower Basket Shawl in an unknown yarn.
Those are the projects at the top of my attention span at the moment. There are actually a lot more on the needles.

I don’t have anything different to show right now but tomorrow I will do a photo update when I have daylight for photos. See you tomorrow.

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One Response to Needles flying.

  1. Angel says:

    Hey, I know I am late, but happy belated birthday!! (the cheesecake looks yummy.)

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