a new week

Or the weekend’s over, depending on how you see it.

I’m watching “Moonstruck” and just had an orange chocolate. But it wasn’t an orange chocolate (truffle) like it was supposed to be. It’s strange, we bought a box of Russell Stover cream filled chocolates and several of the flavors weren’t right, regardless which way the map was turned. Anyway, the fact that it was supposed to be orange flavored reminds me of Sheldon with his tangerine chicken. *Love*. I felt like that, “I would love to eat my orange chocolate but I don’t have orange chocolate.”

I haven’t knit in a few days. Really. But I’ll show you a bit of what I have been knitting recently.

365:65 yip: A better short row heel.

Ruby Slippers sock number two. I am so happy with this heel. It is the best short row heel that I’ve knit so far. This last time was easier working the heel but I also realized a mistake that I’d been making in the past. That was before I made the same mistake again, goodgood.

Paton's Kroy Stripes

I started a pair of anklets using this Paton’s Kroy Stripes. No photos yet. I’m pleasantly surprised with how soft the yarn is, though I don’t really know what I expected. I had wanted to try Paton’s sock yarn for some time but had not seen it locally until this past week. This skein was the only one and I couldn’t even find a sticker for it on the racks at Michael’s. But, I took that as my opportunity to grab it up!

I did finish my Claudia Handpainted Watermelon socks and will post those photos soon. I need to get back to my Central Park Hoodie but seem to have lost my momentum. The first step I need to get back to with CPH is to sew the fronts to the back just to make sure it fits before I continue. Maybe since I blogged it I will feel the need to proceed? Also needing to be picked back up is Alhambra though I think it’s too late now for my Mom to get any use out of it until fall. Basically, I’m back to knitting many, many different socks and on the verge of starting more that I’d like to give as gifts.

So, this is me for now. Like this maybe?


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2 Responses to a new week

  1. katie m. says:

    The socks look great! And I can’t wait to see the Kroy socks knit up … I was also pleasantly surprised by the yarn.

  2. danielle says:

    i love the color combinations in that kroy… very campfire. very cool.

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