A new month with new knits.

Lovely Earl Grey socks for my man:

Earl Grey cables trailing.

These were such a breeze to knit, pattern wise, and got even better once I accepted that my beloved aluminum double pointed’s weren’t working well with the yarn. The wooden needles worked much better with the Lion Brand Sock Ease. I was curious about this yarn and found it nice for the pattern and it seems sturdy. Also, I did change something in the foot cabling. It was more to make it easier in my mind, not because I didn’t like the original. After the 12 row break from cabling, along the gusset, I knit the cable every 4 rounds all the way through the foot rather than having another 12 row break. Since I put these down so often over the past, maybe 6 months, it just seemed easier that way as I was usually lost on what row to knit after not looking at the sock for months at a time anyway.

✔022509 EG2 DSC_0072

I lovelovelove these socks. And yes, my guy is very happy with them too!

022409sp DSC_0024

Very exciting for me, one finished Pomatomus! It’s comfy and pretty. I adore the assortment of colors in the yarn. And more exciting is that I finished one because the start of this sock was rather rocky. I think I started it at least twice and unknit several times through out the sock. Though to be fair, part of the unknitting was due to my bad note taking. So I would abandon it for awhile and come back to the pattern not knowing where I was in the chart.

The yarn is Socks That Rock Silkie in Foofaraw. It’s very, very, very soft – even more than the regular STR.

So, that’s me for my first blog back! Hope it was a nice weekend for you.
*I noticed after posting that the photos of the socks have lost a great deal of clarity. I had noticed this on flickr but thought it was from resizing. I’m still playing with uploading trying to figure it out. I have the original open on my desktop and the colors in the Sock Ease POP, they are Turquoise! but on the screen uploaded through Typepad or Flickr they’re dull. Hmmm….

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1 Response to A new month with new knits.

  1. katie m. says:

    Welcome back! It was a nice surprise to find a new post from you this morning. I really like both of your new socks — the colors are great.

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