Do over.


My Side Slip Cloche. I will get a better picture to show but the opportunity hasn’t shown itself yet. Daylight would be best and it’s rainy here. ..”Do over” because as I tried to blog last night, Typepad froze and I would hit the stop button and so on and so on so I was surprised to suddenly find (only minutes ago) that anything appeared since the photo wasn’t uploading and nothing appeared to be working. *longest sentence ever on this blog*

I think my Cloche ended up a bit strange, but in some angles it seems fine so maybe it’s just me. I went through the projects for the hat to see how others turned out and I guess mine is about the same. I did make some changes so that could account for it, who knows?

I’m still working on my Central Park Hoodie. Both fronts are almost to the neckline. Then, I’m going to work both sleeves at the same time as well. I know that on the one hand it made it seem like it moved slower but overall I think it’s faster. And of course, then they are perfectly matched on length and my tension seems to vary enough that this pleases me. Later today I need to pick up Alhambra again because ideally I should be done with it tomorrow. Eep. I never wrote down where I was with it so I’m not sure now how many repeats I’ve done – either 5 or 6. I did realize that in the end it doesn’t matter because it’s a scarf and I know what the end result should be. Also, I want my Mom to get the most of the yarn so it should be nice and long.

The only knitting that I’ve picked up today is that second Earl Grey, which by the way is sucking the life out of me. And I don’t mean the pattern, the pattern is a great and I’d like to use it again. But, the yarn combined with the needles I chose are not working well together. No matter how I fight it, I’m getting teeny ladders that have caused me to stop and reknit several times. I don’t know how that works, but I’ve found that for me, the yarn and needles combined sometimes have that effect with socks.

As a side note, as I type this, I’m madly refreshing Sundara Yarn’s homepage to see if I can get any yarn today.

So, my day has been fairly blah and I don’t really have much more right now. Though a yummy thing to share is that I bought some good snacky foods today because it seemed like forever since we’ve had snacky foods here at home. Anyway, I bought some more brie because I could live on brie and bread. I also bought a prosciutto and mozzarella roll that I had wanted to try for awhile. Yum. Typing ‘snacky’ made me think of “South Park” which I haven’t watched in forever. But I can just hear Cartman saying “snacky cake!”

Oh and I didn’t get any Sundara yarn, *sigh*. I think the combination of the internet traffic to get the yarn combined with my slow broadband card got me. I’ll try again.

See you tomorrow, with less rambling. Maybe (on the rambling).

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One Response to Do over.

  1. katie m. says:

    The hat looks great! Good luck on the rest of your projects …

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