Short & A Little Sour

Today has been *some* day. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it or not but I lost my camera charger for my point and shoot. I have looked everywhere I can think. It’s like a little joke too because about two weeks ago I found the USB cord that goes with that camera (after losing it April 11). Then I ended up buying a card reader to solve that problem. Anyway, today I lost the SD card for my SLR. That was minutes after taking my daily Flickr photos. Grrrr. And actually one of the photos was too blog. So now, I’m making due with a spare card that went with my old iPAQ. It’ll be Tuesday before I can buy a new card and I may buy a new charger too even if I find one of them. Ughhh so I’m super stressed from tearing up this place to look for teeny things. I mean really, I’m looking for a 1 inch square, black, in the middle of everything.

Happy thing – I have beautiful, sweet lovey dovey kitties and my boy kitty came to see me tonight too. Very happy, grateful thing. And knitting and yarn and the blog and you guys. Yay, good stuff.

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