1. Random day, because I can’t really form a continuous blog entry in my mind at the moment. Besides, random is my favorite!

2. Last night I picked up the stitches on my Side Slip Cloche, so now I’m on the stockinette knitting. I went up 2 needle sizes from the headband ruffles which were knit on one needle size larger for my gauge. Actually, I knit the headband part a bit longer (1.5 to 2 inches) than the pattern called for because I wanted to use the same gauge but I knew that the band would not fit my head at the specified length. So, then I knew I would need to make some sort of adjustments for the top of the hat or the increases wouldn’t really show up on the larger headband. I decided going up to a US #8 circular was the solution. To be honest, I was going to just go up to a #7 but then I realized I was going to have to switch out of my Denise needles to join the round so that’s when I chose my Knitpicks #8 circulars. Anyway, I’m going to work on it more in a little bit. It seems like it will knit up quickly but it was late last night and I haven’t knit a bit today.

3. I decided to start keeping a knitting journal on paper – you know, in a book rather than a million random scraps that never intersect lives. Now, the thing is until last night I hadn’t done more than right down projects, who they were for, where the pattern came from and what yarn/needles were being used. Also, when I started gathering this information I could not find the book I wanted to use (a cute journal that R bought me a few years ago) so the basic information is still in a tiny Moleskine and I’m just going to add those snippets to the book, which I did find now. Anyway, last night was the first time I stopped to right information down because I’ve changed a few things in how I’ve done the Side Slip Cloche and wanted to be able to look back at what I’d done. It was a tremendous thing for me to stop and write it down! I still think ‘no, I’ll remember’ but you know, I don’t after knitting on other things and life moving on. So, yay knitting journal! Now I’ve just got to get that all together and into Ravelry. Oy.

4. So, my exciting chore yesterday?

020409 DSC00142_2

Simple yes but amazing in how much room it feels like it added to our bathroom. The entire counter was covered with a huge round basket that was not useful for our space. On top of that there was much decluttering as a result of emptying that basket. Some days I look at Things, different Things, and think that I really must keep them even if I don’t use them. It’s like the world will fall apart if I get rid of them. But I find the longer we live in a small space, trying to live more simply, that when I revisit these Things at least half of them have no magic about them anymore. It’s a great feeling really.

5. A first for me .. today I had Indian food for the first time. We went to a lunch buffet downtown and it was really good. I tried a tiny bit of everything to see what I liked. My favorite thing was the Chicken Vindaloo with Naan bread. It’s something that we’ll definitely do again as my guy loved the food too.

6. Well, I’m off to knit and organize some photos. I’m running out of space again you know – down to 4gb, eep. See you tomorrow.

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