Superbowl Sunday & I’m back!

I needed a bit of a break but I’m back now.

Ravelry Journal Swap goodies that I’ve been behind in sharing.

Ravelry Journal Swap

I adore the little matryoshka bag and currently have Alhambra stored in the bag. Also, I’ve already written in the journal but have fallen off my daily resolution already. Surprised? Uh-huh. The yarn is yummy to look at and touch. Even better, the name of the color is Maui Sunset. How inspiring is that?! And the bookmark is a needle gauge too. This is so useful because as it is I have 3 gauges but only know where one of them is at the moment. Very fun stuff! The only thing not photographed was some pencils that smell like gingerbread and sugar plum fairy scents but I couldn’t get to them fast enough. Yay for a wonderful journal swap partner!

Today was low key but fun. We watched the game and had good snacks. There was knitting in the middle of that too. And my team won, yay! Though to be fair, every year one of us ‘calls’ one of the teams and the other gets the other team. But, I called the Steelers so my team won. I love football and the whole season that goes along with it so it always makes me a bit sad to see it over.

So, I have knitting progress to show. But, my computer is hot from trying to watch “As Time Goes By” on Netflix so I’ll save that for tomorrow.

See you tomorrow! Then we’ll know if the Groundhog saw his shadow or not, hee.

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