caught it! among some knitting.

I realized that yesterday was actually Tuesday after calling the post Monday. It took me a bit though, apparently I was more sleepy than I thought. Although, holidays tend to confuse things too. Or is that just me?

So, I pulled out my Hourglass Sweater again and undid the hemmed neckline. Then I ripped out to where I had placed a sort of lifeline, maybe about 10 rows back. So, it’s sitting on the needles right now. I also read through people’s comments about knitting this on Ravelry and am going to try again. Actually, I’m going to do that after I finish this blog entry.

My *happyhappy* book in the mail yesterday …


I was actually trying to rip open the package at stop lights and took it in to look at as we had lunch. I wanted this book so bad and it has so many good patterns in it! My first two wants are hats of course. I want to knit the Side Slip Cloche on the cover and the Sideways Grande Hat.

Tomorrow I’ll have something to show of the Hourglass Sweater. See you then.

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One Response to caught it! among some knitting.

  1. katie m. says:

    Good luck doing battle with the Hourglass! Just think how awesome it will look when it’s finished. I have the “Boutique Knits” book, too, and there are so many great patterns in there!

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