Top of the mountain.

Mountain of knitting projects on the needles anyway.

My current carry-along project so it isn’t really in a hurry.


Watermelon socks for me. The yarn is Claudia Handpainted and the color is Watermelon. These are simple stockinette, yay for mindless knitting. And I am completely in love with this yarn. It is so soft and smooshy, I hope it stands up well too. I had never even seen any of this yarn in person until my annual yarn shop visit in San Antonio.

The beautiful Alhambra scarf for my Mom.

Alhambra up close.

The Handmaiden Camelspin is very luxurious. I think it’s great for something like a scarf. Alhambra knits up quickly too. After taking the photo above, I made my way through two more repeats quickly. It’s interesting to see it coming together. I think I’ll want to make another one of these in the future. And yay, my Mom likes how it’s coming along. She chose the yarn and I offered up several patterns that I thought she might like (thinking that was a starting point to see what she was interested in). But, Alhambra was the one!

Those two projects are getting most of my attention right now. I have several other things going and I need to take stock of them so expect to see them soon. Among those, I plan on pulling my Central Park Hoodie back out tonight. When I was last working on it, I was needing to rip out part of the left side (I think, maybe right side) because I got carried away knitting the ribbing before beginning decreases in comparison the back (which is complete). The hoodie knits up quickly but I got sidetracked by my trip to Texas and the holidays.

In the middle of all the projects I currently have on the needles, I’m dying dying to start this.

So, that’s me for today. ‘Night.

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2 Responses to Top of the mountain.

  1. TheBon says:

    I am dying to start that too! I even have enough of that yarn left over from my sister’s Christmas sweater [yeah, the pattern called for 10 skeins, I used 6.5]. But! I am locked up in moving until the end of the month.

  2. katie m. says:

    I love the sock and the scarf — so colorful!

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