random Wednesday

1. It’s late and I’ve still not taken any of my photos for the day! And as I was deciding to make today ‘random’, I realized I actually have 3 to do on Wednesdays. Eep.

2. I’m thinking about casting on a pair of Toast (Ravelry link)- cute, a pair of toast. I’m not sure though. I have several socks on the needles and a new flower basket shawl that I started last week. Then, I have an endless list of to-do knits. I should write it all out and prioritize. There are two things for my Mom, a pair of flip flop socks and Alhambra, that I’d like for her to be able to use this winter. Prioritize.

3. We’re in the middle of watching “The Dark Knight” tonight. It’s really very good, intense too. Last night we watched “My Best Friend’s Girl” again. Still, so funny.

4. Last month I got the first “Kill Bill” soundtrack and it is so good! I really like the music that Quentin Tarantino puts into his movies.

5. I have a scarf that I crocheted awhile back and have been meaning to add to my Etsy shop. I just need to add fringe at the ends and I think I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow. It’s a yummy red color.

6. See you tomorrow!

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