Mikasa flowers.

Thrift shopping recently, I found two plates that I had to have. The pretty retro flowers above are a close up of the plates. I’ve found that all of the dishes I’m drawn to turn out to be Mikasa. Who knew?

I have a little list of things that I needneedneed to show of finished items. Biting my nails I’ll get photos, I just need to adjust my sleep schedule, which is entirely off right now. That, combined with the usual bleak days doesn’t really allow for good photos. Anyway, my current focus is a Fetching. A gift, so nothing else for now.

Also, a huge *hug* and thank you to Katie for giving me the Spreader of Love blog award! I will pass this on soon. Thank you!

Last and completely not following any reasonable order .. I forgot to mention that I did go back and get these. Yay, I’ll actually be able to use them soon. And I promise that I will show you at least one of the finished items that I haven’t showed. I really have to get on the ball, I realized last night that aside from finished items I have many new projects on the needles that I haven’t accounted for on Ravelry or here. Eep. (That was such a long sentence!)

See you tomorrow.

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