Random Thursday

My favorite format of course.

1. I’m going to be returning the EZ-Bob that I showed yesterday. I talked to my LYS owner today and it turns out that it is not a pompom maker as I was told yesterday. I’m glad because I was thinking I was a little too slow for knitting since I could not figure that out!

2. Ripping out of this will be happening because in addition to pattern problems, I decided it’s too loose of a knit at this gauge.


3. Embarrassingly, I am just getting out some Christmas gifts in the mail tomorrow. And a few additional items for my swap pal on Ravelry. I sent her almost everything last month on schedule. But the day that I did I actually forgot the knitting related content – I know, it’s Ravelry (!) and I forget the knitting stuff! And then it all got more slowed down because of weather and other stuff so I’m sending the original item and adding a few goodies tomorrow. I still need to show the goodies she sent me and I will do that this weekend.

4. “The Dark Knight” and the first disk of “The Big Bang Theory” is next up in our Netflix queue. We still have “It’s A Wonderful Life” and a new “Perry Mason” DVD at home. That combination is the most normal we’ve had in awhile. They are usually much stranger when put together. I’m not entirely sure about “The Dark Knight” but after seeing “Brokeback Mountain” last month I agreed to watch it with my guy. I didn’t want to see it at first because it looks so creepy to me. Now, I’m sad that I missed out on how great Heath Ledger was because I’d never seen anything with him before “Brokeback”, which I loved by the way even though it broke my heart.

5. Does anyone reading have a Namaste Laguna bag or Malibu? I’d like to know what the material feels like. I once ordered a Jetsetter and ended up returning it because I didn’t care for the pebbled feel but with the Laguna and Malibu being smooth I just wonder how nice they feel to the touch. I’m a bit picky about handbags unfortunately and right now my favorites are cloth but I do have two older Coach bags that I love (when they were still the really good buttery leather).

6. Okay, I’m done. See you tomorrow. 🙂

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2 Responses to Random Thursday

  1. katie m. says:

    But at least the color is gorgeous! Have you already mentioned the yarn? Enjoy the Perry Mason — my mom used to watch the reruns every lunchtime. A staple of being home sick.

  2. TheBon says:

    I have a friend that has one of the two and I don’t care for the feel. It feels thin and cheap and plastic-y to me.
    Also, The Dark Knight is a little creepy, but not terrible [I get REALLY caught up in movies and I was able to keep myself together through it].

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