So much

1. My Mom sent the best fudge in the world to us. She made it and we got it today. It is so good and creamy. And we ate so much fudge today I cannot believe it! Yes, it was the high point of my whole day.

2. Still working on the hat. I haven’t knit at all today or it would be done. It is however very squishy (like someone on Flickr suggested, hee) and coming along nicely.

3. The Longhorns game this evening was a great game! Yay Longhorns! I always wanted to go to UT (the main one, not a campus) and am a Longhorn at heart.

4. I am still planning on looking for a nutria close up but the last few days haven’t seemed right. Judging from the days we’ve seen them, they seem to like a certain kind of day.

5. That’s all I’ve got right now. ..tomorrow. Good night.

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2 Responses to So much

  1. Angel says:

    Fudge is good. Lots of fudge is awesome!!!
    I have never seen a nutria before. Weird little creature eh? Reminds me of the muskrat who used to sun himself on nice days by the pond at my college.

  2. Beth Z. says:

    I often see nutria around the shallow waterways around the airport – like the creek that runs down 25th toward Mission. They love that agricultural plant’s lawn right on the corner of Madrona & 25th.

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