for the new year, new things.


Today I went to my local Ravelry knitting group for the first time. It was a fun thing, I’m glad I went. There’s something to being around other knitters, without a doubt. Anyway, I started out working on a Christmas gift from the Luxury One Skein Wonders book (the title is so long I always get it wrong and I’m too lazy to link or check). The pattern isn’t explicit in details, there seems to be a lot of figuring things out for yourself in the middle of increases while maintaining a stitch pattern. Longwinded, I know. But, I didn’t deal with the 2×2 ribbing in the best way during the increases so I stopped working on the project and will rip it and try again here at home. If I don’t succeed the second time, I may just scrap this project and do a different one since it is a week after Christmas! So, after that I worked on my Sunny socks and am close to starting the heel flap. I adore the Silk Garden Sock yarn.

Spotted on the way home from knitting …

365.03 yip: Black beauty.

I’m a sucker for black cats. Okay, really all cats.

Tomorrow I’ll be making more knitting time happen. See you then.

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