I must have mentioned this to a few people.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, or Thursday, as the case may be. We had a relaxed day together. Nice. I had planned on showing some actual knitting but after opening a Christmas gift from my Mom I knew I had to share.

Last night, or really after midnight, R and I opened each other’s gifts and my Mom’s gift to both of us. Later, I’m going to share a few of the gifts from R because they are so cute. But, as I opened gifts, this was one of the gifts from R ..


Yay! I wanted this page a day calendar by the Yarn Harlot and may have mentioned it every time we were at Borders over the last few months. So, later this morning when I opened my gift .. I was waiting for hubby to get his gift from my Mom before opening mine and by the way, he got a certificate for moo cards, yay! Back to unwrapping this gift from my mom ..


Yep, I got two Yarn Harlot calendars! I wanted one so bad I almost bought one for myself before today. So, I will be exchanging the one that R got me for something else. Something close to this has only happened one other time. One year my Mom and I got each other something that we had both bought for ourselves already. I got her a vegetarian cookbook and she’d just bought it for herself and same for me with the first Stitch N’ Bitch book. Funny, how that works out sometimes.

On a really, really nice note of the Christmas spirit a stranger helped us yesterday when we were stuck in ice. I parked in a bad spot downtown and didn’t realize it was so bad until I was already in the space. It was icy and when I tried to back out the tires just spun and spun. A really nice man walking by stopped to help by pushing my car and eventually all of the rocking got me out of the spot. I have little experience driving or parking in this kind of weather and all of it exists from North Texas where it’s plains. Of course, that’s drastically different from Western Oregon where it’s rare for even parking spaces (unless it’s a parking lot maybe) to be completely flat.

Christmas snacking from my Mom and step-dad.


Later, I’ll have to share a photo of the fig sauce that came with this. It is *so* good!

A last Merry Christmas as the day comes to an end.

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