Not as much knitting going on as should be but I have been updating my stash page on Ravelry. Actually, some of the photos below are just updated photos for my stash page in Rav. It was confusing how I started the stash info to begin with, as in I don’t really know if something’s been put in or not without checking. So, the most organized part of my yarn is two large bins that are full. I took all of the yarn out last month and photographed each thing and made notes so that after it’s all put into Ravelry I can put in each sheet at the top and know what is in the bin. Then, at least I’ll know those two bins are accounted for in Ravelry. After that, it’s going to be crazy again because there’s still yarn spread out all over the bedroom and some in the living room. There is also some more yarn in one of our storage units. But, here’s some of it.


1. Berroco Suede – Brown, 2. Lion Brand Cotton Ease – Ice Blue, 3. Berroco Suede – Black, 4. Knit Picks Shadow, 5. KFI Cashmereno, 6. JKnits sock yarn in Kansas color., 7. Tahki Cotton Classic, 8. Luxurious Handmaiden Camelspin, 9. Araucania Magallenes

And yep, I’m late. I was outside trying to take some pictures of our lights with ice hanging from them and then getting my self-portrait. Still, there has been much improvement on my blogging I think.

Knitting tomorrow.

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