Random Tuesday

1. As I typed the title in, I noticed that I have moved backwards from Random Thursday to Wednesday … I’m not really trying to follow along with a certain day of being random though so I guess it doesn’t matter.

2. Today was the first day I braved out into the driving world since the snow started. It wasn’t so much that I was just afraid of driving on the snow and ice but leaving my home means driving uphill a bit and there is no other way out. That was making me nervous. There was ice but it was fine. The scariest things were actually just parking lots since they aren’t well traveled. And I know lots of peoples weather gets messier than this (which by the way, I want to live in those places desperately), it’s just that they don’t really seem to handle it that well here.


3. Tomorrow I have to drive out near the coast, so I’m hoping for some interesting photos from that. I’ll be stopping at a casino too. Originally we’d planned to spend the night on this drive but with kitties and the weather being like it is, that doesn’t seem like a good idea. Candie has not had my undying trust after getting upset and peeing/spraying right next to my pillow a few months ago. I think that was more because she was so stressed because we kept her inside for over a week – because she got hurt a second time, seriously. Anyway, I don’t want to take a chance on such a thing happening again. Plus with the weather forecast, we might end up stranded over there and that would be worse.

4. Another Christmas gift done. The Simple Yet Effective Shawl for my Grandma is done. I took a few pictures but need to sort through them. Plus they would be better once it’s blocked.

5. ‘Night.

*Oh yeah, this is kind of sad but truly indicative of what I mean by how little space we have – I need to go stay somewhere so I can block something. That was part of the plus of staying in a hotel for a night. Eek. I don’t know how I’m going to block something yet.

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