Winding swiftly. Swiftly winding. Yarn cakes!!!

Okay, so that’s a teeny bit misleading. Sorry, there are no completed yarn cakes in this post. But, hey the making of yarn cakes is exciting too.

2008 - Dec 5 - self-portrait

I got a swift! And one of the best parts is that I saved 40%. Yay for coupons. I got this the day after Thanksgiving and just used it once so far. I need to find a good place for it. I have an idea of a good setup for the ball winder and swift but that requires me finding a new place for our printer. That is no small feat given our tight living quarters. At first, I thought that it would work to set up outside on our picnic table and do large bunches every once in awhile. The ‘once in awhile’ part especially has to do with working around the rain this time of year and cold though the rain would be the biggest obstacle. Anyway, it turns out that isn’t going to work easily because the table is much thicker than I thought. I need R’s help even getting the swift clamp to move – he says it needs wax so it will move smoothly. And then I clamped the ball winder to a spare wood board that he clamped to the picnic table. That was because the ball winder clamp won’t open enough for the table. Still, it was exciting once I started winding many yarn cakes. I wound up some new yarn and the rest of the yarn for my Central Park Hoodie which I need to get back to before I forget where I’m at in the pattern.

While I’m not very fond of commercials, I think the Progressive cashier is so cute and retro. And after my guy pointed out the cashmere socks part at the end of this, I was totally sold on this commercial. Now I keep an eye out for it just for the end. After all, wouldn’t we all like cashmere socks?!

By the way, I’ve been eyeing a lovely cashmere blend for socks. Mmmm, cashmere.


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