Knitting Progress – 0.

I have no knitting progress today. I’ve been sick all day. Yuck. It seems like a stomach bug, hopefully that’s all and it goes away quickly. Because there’s a tiny bit of feeling also like it might become something else. I blame the tiny bit of cold symptoms on the weather. Probably wrongly, but whatever. Anyway, the only interesting I’m using that word rather loosely knitting news is that I stayed up late last night knitting on the Ganomy from yesterday. (By the way, sorry that the picture didn’t form properly). And the hat didn’t fit me or hubby even. Usually, hats fit him because he doesn’t have an enormous noggin, like me. So, I think it would only fit a child. I am going to rip it out, as gently as possible because the yarn is unplied and sticking to itself a little bit. And I’ll try again by doubling the yarn and going up to an 11 or 13 needle. I know that may seem drastic but I don’t think that single stranded it would work. But who can tell? I may try single stranded also on 11’s. Lately it appears my knitting is even tighter because I’ve had to go up 2 (instead of my normal 1) needle sizes to get gauge. Like I’ve written many times, that is so strange to me because it doesn’t feel tight in my hands. Actually it feels like I’ve been having more slack in how my working hand holds the yarn lately. But, the gauge is telling a different story.

So, I think I’m rambling now. And I still feel bad. I’m gonna get out of here and get back to my cup of tea. ‘Night.

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2 Responses to Knitting Progress – 0.

  1. katie m. says:

    Feel better! I hope the Ganomy behaves soon.

  2. Angel says:

    I am sorry you are sick- I’m sick too with strep and the antibiotics have induced stomach nastiness (as in can’t leave the house kind of misery) so I feel your pain. Hope you are well soon.

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