Christmas Knitting #2


Simple Effective Shawl, Fingering in Araucania Ranco Multy (Ravelry link) for my Grandma. I’m very close to done on the number of repeats in the pattern. However, I think that it might be necessary to knit a little more but we’ll see. Later, I’m knitting one for myself using the same colour that Laura used but I wasn’t sure that the variegated yarn is something that would really be for my Grandma. Anyway, this is a nice, easy pattern and knits up quickly.

Preerror DSC00122

Koolhaas, knit from Cascade 220 Tweed. Pretty cables, right? Well, that was before this so-called progress …

Errored hat DSC00014_2

The lattice cables do not reconnect, eek! I think that the mistake goes back to the first round of the second repeat. And probably because I get easily lost in patterns that require changing the start of the round as you go. (I’ve had to unknit rows on my Pomatomus a few times also because of this). My attention span just flies out the window when trying to follow that much detail. Yeah, so, I will be fixing this tomorrow. I just hope I’m right about where the problem is because otherwise I may not understand what happened.


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