Holiday Madness

There isn’t so much holiday madness going on with me aside from Christmas knitting. But, tonight I went out to Sears to get a Christmas gift that I forgot earlier and the parking lot was packed at the mall (and later at Borders). I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow though because it was a really good deal on my purchase and I was worried there wouldn’t be any left. So, that’s that. Done. It was probably one of the few purchases I’ll need to make that I’ll need to rush about for. Yay.

As for Christmas knitting, it’s depressing as there is already a mistake. That’s on my Koolhaas. So, more tomorrow. Sorry for such a short entry but I want to get back to knitting.

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One Response to Holiday Madness

  1. Angel says:

    I told myself there would be no Christmas knitting this year– and guess what? I have two scarves on the needles and a third planned once those are done. Holiday madness indeed. (I did all my actual shopping online. Much easier that way.)

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