Random Thursday

1. I’ve started a Koolhaas hat using Cascade 220 Tweed. It’s kind of slow going at the moment. I also have a skein of Auracania (can’t remember the name right now) that I’ll be making a Simple Effective Shawl from. Both are to be Christmas gifts. And I’m lacking on a few others. I hope to rip out and start over with my We Call Them Pirates hat. That seems highly unlikely though. Eek.

2. We have Greek honey yogurt again, yay! I had been craving it for awhile.

3. It’s supposed to be cold tonight, 26. And one kitty is curled up in front of the heater. That’s Chuy’s favorite spot. But Candie just wanted out again about an hour ago. So, as soon as I finish this, I’ll be checking for her to come in.

4. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have much more without photos. Tomorrow I will ABSOLUTELY get on the ball with the photos. See you then.

2008 - Nov 30

I couldn’t bear to leave here without a picture. This was Candie over the weekend. She was using one of my skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock as a pillow. I’m usually picky about that kind of thing (always for others) even for myself but I couldn’t bear to keep moving it away from her. It’s too cute.

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