Nothing to see here, well except for …

This, is the most adorable thing.  I found it quite by accident on Etsy’s front page.  It’s so cute, it hurts.  I wish I had someone to buy it for.

I’ve done some shopping today, towards the holidays. That includes more yarn to show, even though I haven’t shown everything from Texas! And I’ve also bought two patterns. But, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m having a problem with my last pattern purchase, which was online. In a span of about 10 minutes, I had 600+ emails, all identical and not working as far as me actually having the pattern. And the scarier part is that I felt my Blackberry going off with more emails (fingers crossed it’s something different). Just so you know, I have a bad habit of leaving email in my Mail inbox for awhile but in order to find things I know I’ll need to delete all of these emails one by one (from past experience when my college’s email did the same thing earlier this year) – also on my phone. Yuck. But maybe I’ll have the pattern soon! Then I can start knitting more Noro and other yummy yarn. Mmmm.

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