To recap a little.  I spent the first few days of my trip at my Mom’s.  And then we drove a few hours away to my grandparents, in San Antonio.  In San Antonio, we did a lot of visiting and just hanging out.


Some of the hanging out involved Boxer. He loves company. Plus we met up with a friend and on two different occasions went to the Yarn Barn. I actually intended for the first visit to be the only visit but could not stop thinking about a few things. On my first visit, I bought:

Noro Silk Garden Sock

These two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock are going to be a pair of striped socks like Caro’s.
By the way, I have included tons ok several of pictures of the Noro if you like to look like I do. The next day when I went back, one thing I got was a cute knitting bag:

New knitting bag, not so full.

I still need to get photos of the other few things. So, I think that I’m leaving off here for tonight!

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  1. katie m. says:

    Gorgeous yarn! I can’t wait to see the stripey socks.

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