Thanksgiving Day!

Yay, Happy Thanksgiving again. I know, the day is almost over. But, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day doing whatever you wanted. We had a nice, lazy day. We slept late, watched the parade on TV and the adorable dog show, and then went out for Thanksgiving dinner at a buffet in the afternoon.

2008 - Nov 27 - self-portrait

There was a line that reached outside, which we expected, so I took knitting along for the wait. Luckily, this line was actually short in the whole scheme of things. As we had dinner, I could see the line outside which was much longer than ours and reached across the front of the restaurant. The wait was worth it though.

2008 - Nov 27 - Thanksgiving dinner.

I do miss cooking Thanksgiving Day dinner but this is very good. And someday, I’ll have more room again so that I can cook like I want. Very good Thanksgiving Day!

I am going to move backwards just a bit in the blogging after this so that I can share a few pictures from Texas. And I have yarn to show from my traveling.

Happy long weekend to everyone!

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